Cloud V Electro Portable E-Nail Review


Nail 14mm
Heat 800°F – 1000°F
Diameter 1.6”
Height 11”
Battery 600mAh
Cloud V Electro Portable E-nail

Cloud V Electro Portable E-nail


Cloud V released their newest portable electronic rig, The Cloud V Electro Portable E-nail, in February 2016. With the release, Cloud V continues to dominate the market of electronic rigs. Their newest product stands 11 inches tall with a detachable Aqua Bubbler neck for portability. This attachment is also available as a side arm, which some find easier to use and to clean. The two temperature settings are 800°F  (blue) for a slower burn or 1000°F (red) for a quicker hit. To use, place the rig on the battery and press the power button three times to turn it on. To change the temperature setting, hold the button for four seconds until you see the color change from blue to red (or vice versa). Once it is heated, apply your dab and inhale through the bubbler, just like any other rig.


The company that brought us the Cloud Nova and the Phantom have done it again with this impressive e-rig. It’s easy to use, completely removing the hassles that come with using a manual rig. The CloudV Electro only takes about 15 seconds to heat, and begins cooling on its own once it has reached the desired temperature. This eliminates the fire hazard that comes along with other electronic vaporizers. The base of the unit is sturdy, which shouldn’t be taken for granted. I’ve experienced other rigs that feel like they are about to fall over without being touched. The dab vaporizes cleanly and the bubbler does a fantastic job of filtering and cooling each hit. Cleaning the device can be a hassle, but it is still easier than many other rigs on the market. Since the bubbler is detachable, cleaning the glass is much easier than it could have been. Battery charge also lasted longer than expected. With regular use, the battery will last around five days to a week. For less frequent use, the battery can last up to three weeks on one charge.

Parts and Accessories

With the purchase of a Cloud V Electro Portable E-nail, you will receive the following:

Cloud Electro Battery
Cloud Electro Aqua Bubbler
Charging Base
Charging Cable
Charging Cable
Charging Adapter
Cloud V Pro Tool
1 Quartz Nail
1 14mm Ti Nail
Owner’s Manual

This is all you will need to begin vaping immediately. There are no additional necessary parts that are not included in this kit. If you like the idea or the look of the side arm bubbler, this version of the product can be purchased for the same price. In case one of your nails breaks or is damaged, a replacement can be purchased from the CloudV website. The same goes for the Aqua Bubbler, and people who are more interested in aesthetics can buy a more unique Aqua Bubbler attachment. Such attachments come with a glass figure clinging to the bubbler. There are a wide variety of customization options, including an octopus, spider, dragon and my favorite, the shark. For the hardcore dabbers out there who want complete control of their temperature, there is a temperature controlled option available for around $40 more.

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Cloud V Electro Portable E-nail

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