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mxTarget.dll File Name:  mxTarget.dll Description:  IE Browser Helper Object of twain-tech adware that displays popup ads. Twain-Tech is installed on your computer as a module that comes with free software or content, when you downloaded it from the Internet. Security Issues:  Can download and update itself without notice to user. Fix mxTarget.dll Errors:  Fix & speed up your PC

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Mwsbar.dll File Name:  Mwsbar.dll Description:  Mwsbar.dll is an IE Browser Helper Object used by adware WeSearch to add an IE toolbar to provide search features, and hijack browser search requests to its controlling servers run by MyWay. Security Issues:  Adware and homepage and search hijacker. Fix Mwsbar.dll Errors:  Fix & speed up your PC

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McLogLch.exe File Name:  McLogLch.exe Description:  McLogLch.exe is related to McAfee security suite. This is a non-essential program, but should not be disabled unless suspected to be causing problems. Security Issues:  N/A Fix McLogLch.exe Errors:  Fix & speed up your PC

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PWRMGRTR.dll File Name:  PWRMGRTR.dll Description:  PwrMGRTR.dll is the Power Manager Background Monitor module for ThinkPad laptops. Leave it alone to ensure proper power management functions. Security Issues:  N/A Fix PWRMGRTR.dll Errors:  Fix & speed up your PC