CloudV Electro Portable E-Nail Temperature Controlled (Side Arm Version) Reviewed

Portable E-Nails are gaining popularity with every passing day and the CloudV Electro tends to stand out of the crowd in a lot of ways. Its massive 6000mAh battery pack and a titanium nail dish take your vaping experience to all-new heights.

CloudV Electro Portable E-Nail was introduced in February 2016 and has soon made a lot of fans. CloudV had always been known for producing high-quality products as far as E-Nails are concerned and this product is further taking the legacy forward.

CloudV Electro Portable E-Nail

The outstanding build and packaging

We don’t often talk about packaging but this is one product which proves this wrong. CloudV Electro Portable E-Nail comes sophisticatedly packed in thick foam inlays along with titanium nail, battery, aqua bubbler, wall adapter, dab tool, charging chord and a detailed user manual.

CloudV e-Nail flaunts a high-quality build with a matte finish. The glass and fine quality material used in the making of aqua bubbler and battery makes it look elegant

How to Use

This device is approx. 11inches tall and feels solid and extremely well balanced to hold. The device can be made to use simply by pressing the power button thrice. The unit has a total of two temperature settings (800 and 1000 degrees Fahrenheit) which you can choose among and can switch easily between.

The attachment (Aqua Bubbler) goes ahead to connect straight up with the E-Nail by a very simple twisting motion. The Dab needs to be placed on the top of the titanium dish from where you can insert the Dab easily with a toll. The side arm version gets bonus points here as compared to its straight arm version as the former is a lot more comfortable to use and the opening on the top proves to be easier for loading and cleaning. Also, it adds a cool factor to the looks, in general.

Powerful Performance

This E-Nail delivers performance that is unparalleled in terms of a heat up time, constancy, and temperature control. The outstanding capability of CloudV Electro Portable E-Nail to reach temperatures as high as 1000 degree Fahrenheit is surely going to provide flexibility to vapers.


The product needs to be cleaned fairly regularly in order to make sure that the performance has been optimized for a fairly long period of time. Before you decide to clean your device, make sure that it has not been used for at least about 15 minutes.

  • Aqua Bubbler

Go ahead and remove this attachment carefully with the twisting motion. It is because there are chances that the glass could be tightly attached to the metal base after undergoing multiple usages.

  • Nail

Before you decide to put the nail in contact with the device, make sure that the device is not turned on and that the nail isn’t too hot. Use a protective glove, and unscrew it from the base before you wipe it clean.

  • Metal Base

You might want to use the normal cleaning wipes in order to clean up the metal base that is there right on top of the battery. Go ahead and remove any sort of a sticky residue that you might find on the base.

  • Tool

You need to keep this product clean at all points in time. Keep a set of cleaning wipes to use before every load. Keep the lid covered to prevent the tip from coming into contact with the environment.

And you’re all set! Experience it for yourself. Buy it today!

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