Spybot Search And Destroy Review

The other day we sent out an email asking our readers what they would like our next article to cover. We got an overwhelming response to cover some common anti spyware and anti malware programs. When you’re talking about anti spyware, a great place to start is Spybot Search and Destroy.

Everything You Need To Know About Spybot

Spybot Search and Destroy have been one of the most popular anti malware tools for several years. The fact that is it completely FREE and actually works are strong factors for its popularity. Spybot is available as freeware to all users.

How It Works:

Spybot has several features that go beyond just scanning for malware. But of course, that it its #1 function. Below we list all the features Spybot offers:

-Scans for malware of your computer

-Includes a botnet scanner

-Can host-file modification (to keep malware from calling home)

-Secure file shredder and dummy code feature (replaced malicious or questionable adware modules with inert code so the dependent program will keep functioning).

-Compatible with every version of Windows dating back to Windows 95

Search and Destroy Review

How To Use Spybot

Although it is very user friendly, if you are installing Spybot and using it for the first time it might be a little confusing. Check out our walkthrough video below:





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