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Professional anti-spam software for Outlook Express, Becky!, Eudora and all other POP3 email clients. Utilizing self-learning techniques, auto-generated white list and advanced statistical SpamWeed Reviewtechnologies, SpamWeed identifies mailing list automatically, filter multiple email accounts simultaneously. It can even neutralizes all current and future email viruses, prevent them from spreading out automatically. While it’s powerful and intelligent, it’s also very easy to install and require almost no maintenance. SpamWeed is a personal solution for personal differences.

Key Features:

Advanced statistical filtering technology

One of the distinguishing features of SpamWeed is that it doesn’t use traditional techniques (such as blacklist and keywords matching) to block spam. These are very rigid and time-consuming methods and not at all effective. SpamWeed adopts statistical filtering technology combined with other advanced techniques to assess the overall possibility that an email is spam, statistical filtering is by far the most accurate approach towards spam.

Automatically generated white list

Apart from the standard whitelist where you can add a friend’s email address, SpamWeed also maintains an “automatic” whitelist. It will analyze your incoming emails and intelligently decide who is your friend. As you use SpamWeed longer, it will have a pretty much accurate idea of your “relationship network”. This feature further ensures no legitimate mails from your friends will be blocked.

Self-learning ability

We train SpamWeed according to the characteristics of junk mails so that it can function immediately after installation and achieve satisfactory results instantly. However, SpamWeed is an intelligent tool which never stops learning. If SpamWeed fails to block a junk mail or falsely blocks a legitimate mail, correct it by moving the mail to the right box, SpamWeed will remember its mistake and improve its judgment in the future. Therefore, the more you use SpamWeed, the better it performs.

Safe email management

Even if SpamWeed determines a certain mail message is spam, it doesn’t delete it immediately. Spam is placed in a quarantine area and can be retrieved easily if necessary. Junk mails are then removed from the system after a configurable pre-set period.

Neutralize hazardous email viruses

Some e-mail messages contain viruses and will execute as soon as you open them. SpamWeed identifies and blocks these messages even if they are from your friends. You are best protected from attack of email viruses with SpamWeed.

Email report

Email report gives users a summary of junk mail received over a certain period of time. The report function is also fully configurable.

A personal solution for personal differences

Different people have different definition of junk mail, for example, some people may enjoy receiving advertisement concerning sales promotion while others may want to receive information concerning house financing. SpamWeed fully respect personal difference and after it “learns” your personal habits, it will follow your logic of legitimate mails and thus classify spam accordingly.

Minimum interference with your current email program

SpamWeed is a POP3 proxy that works between email server and email clients. Therefore, you don’t need to change your email client when you install SpamWeed. All work is done by SW Engine that runs in the background.

Monitors and filter multiple email accounts

If you use several email accounts simultaneously, you don’t need to setup SpamWeed for each email account, SpamWeed can manage all of them together with one single window. All you need to do is to give SpamWeed all your email accounts to be filtered.

Rich Features for email management

SpamWeed for POP3 provides preview function, email search function, view different account function, etc. All these make your email management easy and effective.

Easy installation & zero maintenance

The installation takes no more than 5 minutes and small video demos are provided to assist you with POP3 setting. Due to the fact that SpamWeed is not a rule-based filtering device and the software’s self-learning filtering nature, it frees you from all routine blacklists update or keywords updates and almost no maintenance is required after it is installed and up running.

Free technical support

Our technical team has made every effort to improve your experience with SpamWeed. There is a “email support” button on the left side of the main window. In case you run into any technical problems, simply click the button and let us know, our technical support team will handle your problem at the earliest time possible.

SpamWeed Review

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