Pulsar Hand E-Nail Review: Perfect Combination of Elegance And Robustness

Love your waxes and concentrates? Well, then Pulsar Hand E-Nail might have a lot to offer for you! The device might look simple from outside, but it is highly sophisticated providing you with simple usage but yet high-quality vapor.

Pulsar Hand E-Nail

The flawless design you will fall in love with!

Pulsar Hand E-Nail truly flaunts an elegant design which tempts you to carry it wherever you go. The multifunctional stainless steel carb along with its three click on and off function makes Pulsar Hand E-Nail a simple to use the vaping device.

Assembling is pretty simple with slots for every part. The glass piece mouthpiece is as perfect as the throat hit provided by the device. The suitable placement of the glass chamber provides flavor rich vapors, thus taking your vaping experience to an all-new level.

Robust battery to power the device seamlessly

The vaporizer is powered up by 18650 Lithium-ion battery of 2500mAh that ensures you have an uninterrupted vaping experience on the go. Vapers can explore a wide range of temperature with this device between 650 degrees Fahrenheit and -980 degree Fahrenheit.

USB charger comes along with the kit which means you can charge your device anytime. Further, one year warranty by Pulsar proves to be an icing on the cake.

Kit components

The kit includes a range of equipment including E-Nail with a built-in battery, USB charger, magnetic stand, dab tool, glass pipe water filter, stainless steel carb cap, travel case, titanium plates and a user manual to guide you towards getting flawless experience.

Super easy assembling ensured

Assembling the device is fairly simple. All you just need to do is unbox the kit, and fit the battery inside magnetic stainless steel carb cap. Once you have all the things in place, simply switch your device on with its there click on-off functionality and set your preferred temperature to experience the perfect throat hit. The dab tool provided in the kit would further enhance your pleasure by building your vapor instantly. All you need to do is dip the dab tool in your favorite concentrate and insert it into the atomizer.

Top notch vaping experience

Pulsar E-Nail is one of those vaping devices which make vaping a child’s play. Its unbeatable ability to provide you with the east flavor from a range of concentrates that you might have is impeccable. The vapor generated is not only instant but the flavor so generates is constant throughout.

Undoubtedly, it will take a bit of time for novices to get affluent with the dab tool, but once you are fully accustomed to its working, this device is surely going to provide you incomparable pleasure.

You might extract the best taste at 700 degree Fahrenheit, but for thicker waxes, you need to explore higher temperatures.

Final Verdict

Pulsar e-Nail along with its elegant design, robust performance and easy operation is a must-have in every vaper’s collection! But it now today.


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