Remove Global-Finder Spyware

About Spyware

Global-Finder, also known as CWS.msinfo, is a variant of the spyware CoolWebSearch homepage hijacker . It uses a file called ‘msinfo.exe’ to reinstall the hijack on a reboot by adding an entry in the system file win.ini. Global-Finder also changes your Internet Explorer home page or default search engine to ( which redirects to, a categorized website search engine). In an earlier version of Global-Finder, it may cause the errors about missing the file ‘msinfo.exe’.

How to Remove Global-Finder Spyware?

1) Delete the MSInfo.exe entry in Win.ini file.

Click Start > Run, then type sysedit. Activate the Win.ini window.

Click Search > Find , type msinfo.exe to find the entry msinfo.exe and delete the line.
Click File > Save, and close the window.

2) Search and delete the file ‘ MSINFO.EXE

Click Start > Search > Files and Folders, type “msinfo.exe“, the file will commonly be found in the folder of C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\MSINFO

Right click it and select Delete.

Note: Don’t confuse MSINFO32.EXE with the hijacker file msinfo.exe. The file MSINFO32.EXE is a legitimate Windows system file that shouldn’t be deleted.

3) Search and delete ‘BOOTCONF.EXE‘.

4) Remove the Bootconf.exe entry from the Registry.

Click on Start> Run, then type REGEDIT and click OK . The registry editor opens.
In the left pane, locate and expand the following Registry Key:


In the right pane, right click the key bootconf.exe and select Delete.

Close the Registry Editor

5) Reset the Default Home and Search Pages for Internet Explorer.

Open Internet Explorer, Click on Tools > Internet Options > Programs,
Click Reset Web Settings and then click Yes .

6) Restart Windows.

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