Cloud V E-Juice 5 Pack Review


Cloud V E-juice

If you’re looking for some new flavors to add to your vaping collection then take a look at the five flavors from Cloud V. Each flavor is unique and offers a different taste of the cloud. All juices have 70% VG and 30%PG levels. This is a good balance, and shouldn’t clog up any of your coils. Finding a great flavor for your e-juice can be tricky, but Cloud V has five solid flavors available.


All of the flavors are decent and you wouldn’t be disappointing with this bundle. I vape at the highest nicotine setting (as I am a former smoker) and the chest burn is exactly where I like it. It’s not overwhelming, but delivers the burn that smokers enjoy. One drawback of these e-juices is the fact that they only appear to go up to 11 mg of nicotine. That may seem like a lot to non-smokers, but it’s actually less than many other e-juices on the market. If you’re not a former smoker and are only interested in the flavor, these are a good selection. As I am conditioned to the 11 mg nicotine level, I felt no burn when vaping at 0 mg.

Cloud Paradise: The flavor of the Cloud Paradise is pretty good. It isn’t the best of the group but it still boasts an enjoyable flavor. There is a hint of a citrus taste on the inhale, but nothing overpowering. The overwhelming taste in Cloud Paradise is pineapple, but there are clearly other flavors mixed in.

Cloud Punch: I expected the Cloud Punch to be a fruit punch flavor, but it seemed to taste more like mixed berries. It isn’t too sweet and the raspberry flavor definitely punched through.

Cloud Candy: Cloud Candy is aptly named, as it tastes like a piece of gum or hard candy. It has a nice banana/mango mix but also a hint of caramel on the exhale.

Cloud Dream: Cloud Dream was difficult to place but it was certainly unique. I tasted a bit of butterscotch but it wasn’t overly sweet. Cloud Dream wasn’t my favorite but some people may enjoy it.

Cloud Breeze: The Cloud Breeze flavor has a distinct berry touch that dominates the flavor. There are also some cool mint flavors attached to the Cloud Breeze, which makes sense for the name.


  1. Cloud Breeze
  2. Cloud Candy
  3. Cloud Punch
  4. Cloud Paradise
  5. Cloud Dream

What You Get

With the purchase of the five-pack bundle you will receive each of the flavors listed above. If you need a mod to vape from, Cloud V also offers the Nova and the Knight as well as other vapor-pen options. Cloud V made its name in the wax and herbal vaporizer market, so if you need a portable e-rig or vape pen Cloud V has a great selection. Keep on the lookout for new e-juice flavors, and go over to the Cloud V website for the rest of your vaping needs.

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