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Remove Dogpile Toolbar

About Dogpile Toolbar

Dogpile Toolbar is an IE plugin that provides a toolbar with search features .From its vendor, "The Downloadable Toolbar does not record your browsing habits. It does not install any other software program on your computer without your consent. It does not display unsolicited advertisements. It does not intentionally interfere with any other software program." , "The toolbar does not hijack anyone’s browser. The only settings changed are homepage, search, and autosearch and only when the user chooses those options. The user is free to change those settings and we don’t try to interfere with that. The toolbar has a very simple uninstall function that does not leave hidden applications behind. "

How to Remove Dogpile Toolbar? 

To uninstall Dogpile Toolbar, open the Toolbar Menu by clicking on the Dogpile logo and select "Toolbar Uninstall." Once you have finished, please close all browser windows since the Toolbar will still exist in those windows, although it is no longer functional.

Remove it using PestPatrol

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