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File Name:  syntpstart.exe

SynTPStart.exe is a process installed along with Synaptics Touch Pad devices. This process allows you to use and customize the touch Pad on your laptop. SynTPStart.exe is a required process for you to use the touch pad on your laptop. Unless you are sure you don't want to use touch pad, you should leave it running. SynTPStart.exe is normally locate in the folder of "C:\Program Files\Synaptics\SynTP".
SynTPStart.exe is automatically run when system starts up. You can disable or enable it using msconfig. To open msconfig, go to Start, in the Run or Search box, type msconfig, press Enter key, the msconfig dialog will open. Activate the Startup tab and locate the SynTPStart item, you will then be able to

Security Issues:  N/A

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