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File Name:  Iwar.exe

Iwar.exe is related to adware PuritySCAN, which claims to clean hidden pornography files from your computer. However it can do nothing better than messing your system up. In addition it also generates large quantity of popup advertisements for the duration of time you spend online.

This adware also uses the following names for its executable:
Aaar.exe, Aasd.exe, Acao.exe, Aerr.exe, Amra.exe, Channelup.exe, Ctcr.exe, Deam.exe, Earu.exe, Eber.exe, Enns.exe, Euea.exe, Holu.exe, Iaas.exe, Oato.exe, Oecm.exe, Oeet.exe, Ohdd.exe, Oocs.exe, Opac.exe, Oses.exe, Resw.exe, Saea.exe, Saus.exe, Sibc.exe, Sodd.exe, Tdrp.exe, Tesc.exe, Ttuh.exe, Whra.exe, Wted.exe, Aatn.exe, Aida.exe, Auta.exe, Bnop.exe, Bssa.exe, Bssn.exe, Cspa.exe, Dsds.exe, Hela.exe, Hurd.exe, Laoc.exe, Lour.exe, Moun.exe, Mtst.exe, Muue.exe, Noha.exe, Notn.exe, Oewe.exe, Osus.exe, Rcsh.exe, Reoe.exe, Rper.exe, Smuc.exe, Sltr.exe, Upao.exe, Uate.exe, Woss.exe

Security Issues:  Adware

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